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How do I sign up for Online Advertisement?

"I ran two of these last week and I could not believe the results. I did one for my property in Geneva and I spent the 25 bucks (just base rate), and it came in at like 36,000 views on Google and 17 click throughs. So people use that to get to the site and learn about the property. And I actually had a showing yesterday from this. That is the only way they could’ve found me." - Bekah Carlson, Carlson Integrated


Did you know that a $25 ad spend on the Google Display Network usually yields between 20,000 and 35,000 views of the ad for your listing over a 4 to 5 day period? You can expect at least 20 to 35 clicks over that period. Most of our users that try this service on our site repeat their ads at least once a month, some every week. Why? Beacuse, as they have reported to us, they are getting qualifed leads. Try it once and see if you agree.


We've created detailed instructions below, but you are also more than welcome to set up time for us to walk you through this. If you'd like help, click below to schedule a 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute demo. 



How to sign up for online advertisement through QuantumListing:

1. If you are not already a QuantumListing member, sign up at

2. Add your listings. (Don't know how? That's ok!

3. Follow the directions below.


Go to your profile page by clicking the head and shoulders avatar in the top right corner of the web page.

1. Click on the green dot as seen in the image below

2. Select Online Advertisement or click on the Google Display Advertising icon:

3. Click on Advertise with Google.

a) Select your budget per listing. Click create order. Then select the listings for which you would like to advertise. Note: Each order needs to contain listings from the same city, so if you want to advertise listings from more than one city, please complete an order for each city - this will not change the total price!

b) Start typing the name of the city and then select it from dropdown menu.

c) You can modify the budget per listing. 

d) Check “Send a Renewal Alert” if you would like to be reminded when the advertising budget runs out.

e) Finish your transaction securely through PayPal.

f) After your order is placed, it can take 24+ hours for your order to be reviewed and approved by Google. Our team will monitor the process and make any necessary changes to meet their advertising guidelines.

You can monitor the views and clicks your ad(s) get from your profile page by following these steps:

  1. Click on Info in the left hand sidebar menu to open up the submenu.
  2. Click on Analytics.
  3. Scroll down to the Online Advertisement section.
  4. You can download a report with clicks and views for all of your advertised listings, or view the aggregate or individual listing’s clicks and views on the screen.
  5. You can adjust the time frame for which you want to see the analytics, by selecting week, month or all time.
  6. Please note that the metrics are updated once daily.